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This is a live online zoom seminar course designed to introduce the Premier Body Method, its concepts, and training strategies to high level strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, and sports medicine professionals. In this course we will cover the details of how the human physical body works, both scientifically and practically, in terms of movement mechanics and their relationship to injury prevention, performance training results, and real-world functional ability. This course will give you a whole new understanding of the human physical body, connecting the dots of what you already know, and filling in all the blanks of what you haven’t learned yet. NASM – Module 1 – PBM Introductory Course (0.4 CEUs NASM Approved)

NASM – Module 1 – PBM Introductory Course (0.4 CEUs NASM Approved)

  • This course is designed to assist certified trainer's in staying current on the most up-to-date industry advances, and covers best-practices for the most effective and advanced sports medicine strategies available today.

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