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providing approved seminars to the chiropractic community for over 25 years. 

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Meet the Instructors

Ernie Caldwell, D.c.

Dr. Ernie Caldwell, D.C. Has 34 years experience as a Chiropractor, and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with 12 years experience in the field of nutrition. He has 14 years of teaching at the post graduate level for colleges on both the East and West coasts.

Edward Cremata, D.c.


Professor, Palmer College Chiropractic West

Dr. Ed Cremata, D.C. has practiced for 32 years and has been published in multiple chiropractic journals. Ed is an expert plaintiff witness, President of the American Academy of MUA, and Instructor for the California Academy for MUA. He is President of the ICAC and voted Educator of the Year by ICAC.


Author, Noted Researcher in the field of Diabetes. George has been Author, noted researcher in the field of diabetes. practicing Chiropractic for over 20 years. He is a recognized international researcher in the field of Diabetes for over 15 years. His book. “ Life With Out Diabetes” sets forth a proven system to correct the cause of Type 2 Diabetes with a practical achievable system.


In addition to her Chiropractic license, Shirley is a registered Nurse Anesthetist and a licensed Acupuncturist. Shirley is a noted lecturer in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy, (HRT), natural wellness, and the field of compounding pharmacy. She lectures throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Lou RIngler, PH.D.

Mr. Ringler has an extensive and innovative management background in the field of educational sales, as National Vice President for over 30 years.He has transitioned his expertise to the health care industry and its corporate structure.  
Mr. Ringler formed Innercalm Associates and was approved by the BCE in 1992. He established the California Academy for MUA in 1995 as a division of Innercalm Associates. Over the past 22 years Mr. Ringler has had the privilege of being a member of ad hoc BCE committees as well as the DWC.

"Would highly recommend Innercalm Associates' excellent seminars."

“Great speaker, great information, overall great seminar.”

"Very incisive, informative, never bored for a minute."

"Every year you provide great seminars. This one is no exception."

"Complex information made clear and usable-exciting."

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